Dexter File Guide


The Dexter File Guide is a high quality hand tool designed to quickly, accurately & efficiently sharpen your mill saw. The frame is made of a high strength yet lightweight aluminium alloy. All file guide rolls are made from hardened steel. There are no clamping screws to tighten or loosen when moving the tool from one socket to the next. It easily adjusts from 30 to 60 inch blade diameters regardless of the pattern or number of teeth.

Includes a standard two round edge mill file and file handle

List $249

Benefits of the Dexter file guide include

  • Assures squarley filed teeth every sharpening

  • Assures identical hook angle on every tooth

  • File can be held by either right or left hand

  • No heating or burning of the saw teeth leading to hardening/ chipping

  • Add a diamond file and be able to file Carbide and cobalt alloy teeth.


An instruction video can be found here

A one-page summary can be found here