We are your number one stop for all your mill supply needs.We carry what we know to be the best. Down time is just as expensive for us as for you, so we understand quality products are necessary in any profitable mill. You will find we have priced our supplies to offer you the best in quality at the very best prices.

We carry:

  • Bits and Shanks

  • Carbide Saw Tips and related products

  • Diamond Wheels

  • Swages

  • Cut-off Teeth

  • Chipper Knives

  • Grinding Wheels

We have distribution partnerships with other customer centric companies from which we can source:

  • Circular Saw Blades
    Inserted Tooth Head Saws
    Edger Saws
    Cutoff Saws
    Solid Tooth Saws
    Carbide Tipped Saws
    Plates for Tipping

  • Bandsaw Blades
    Wide and Narrow

  • Carbide and APF-12 Tips and Strobs
    Pretinned and Untinned

  • Saw Bits

  • Carbide Saw Bits

  • ITCO Teeth

  • Saw Gumming Wheels
    Norzon, Ruby, Ceramic, and others

  • Knife Grinding Wheels

  • Mill Supplies
    Saw Guide Material
    Solder and Flux
    Babbitt & More

  • Complete Filing Rooms

  • Knife Grinders and Saw Sharpening Equipment

    • Hanchett Manufacturing

    • Knife Source

    • Piper Saw Shop

  • Grinders for Inserted Tooth Saws
    Jockey, Jones, and Andrus
    Electric, Air and Hand powered

  • Knives
    Chipper, Counter and Planer

  • Diamond and CBN Wheels

  • Insertable Cutters