Jones Model 6 Deluxe


The Model 6 Deluxe is accurate and easy to use.

A tensioned guide pin holds the grinder steady for extremely accurate sharpening. Press the tension lever for quick, easy movement to the next tooth.

Hardened wear pins rest on the saw, not on the tooth, to prevent chipping carbide teeth. Wear pins can be rotated to last 5 times longer than conventional wear plates.

120 volt AC, DC or Air Drive

No need to buy two grinders, this one does it all. From 12" edgers through 72" head-saws. Great on: top saws, scragg mills and vertical edgers. 

230/240 volt, 50/60hz AC, 12 or 24 volt DC
4-1/2" Grit Wheel included. Add Diamond Wheel to sharpen carbide teeth.

120 volt grinders are powered by a dependable Bosch motor.

Includes accessory pack with dressing stick, safety glasses, ear plugs. One year warranty.

Please see here for: Settings & Instructions